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                                                                 About Solar Everywhere
Solar Everywhere(SE) is an informal group comprised of six individuals who have a passion for the use of clean Solar energy to produce electricity. This is a very broad field so to be effective we have limited our scope of work to advocating for Residential PV Solar in Stanislaus County. However, since 5 of the members live in Modesto, most of our advocacy is currently done in Modesto. Ideally we would like advocates from other parts of the county to join us and hope this site attracts them!

Based upon a 2013 completed Department of Energy funded study, a Solar Roadmap was produced for Modesto, as well as other participating cities in the Southwestern US. One of the key pieces of data in the report was that Modesto has 29,002 Solar Viable Residences! Based upon current installs using a City of Modesto building permit count, we have a long ways to go!
SE is using this metric to focus itís advocacy efforts on getting as many as possible of these 29,002 homes PV solar. Just to be clear, the 29,002 viable number is from a model used in the study. This number is just a starting point. Many other factors come into play before one would decide that PV Solar is the right answer for them. We attempt to provide you with that guidance on this website. If your interested, the Getting Started section is where you might want to go first. If your just curious, there are many other sections that we hope you find valuable.
Good luck in your Solar inquiry. We hope you are one of the many fortunate ones where PV Solar is the right answer. Please feel free to contact us as well as look for us a various events around the county that we will be hosting or participating in such as Earth Day.
The Solar Everywhere Team: Desmond, Frank, Lee, Randy, Richard, and Ruben
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